Not your therapist.

Yes, my work is grounded in psychological science, but as
a c-word (ahem, coach) my focus is going beyond why you’re
stuck, and into rolling up your sleeves and actually doing something about it.

In fact, *slowly pushes glasses up nose* I was one of the first 33 people in history to receive a degree in Positive Psychology. I’ve since based my entire career on helping clients make real transformation (i.e. the people around you will notice).

Three-ish important things to note:

1. You won’t find any positivity porn around here because you cannot transform any deeply embedded self-criticisms and belief systems with Stuart Smalley self-help-platitudes.

In discovering the patterns keeping you stuck, you’ll be required to face all the facts and feelings (and if that sounds uncomfortable… you’re right).

2. You’re not broken, and I’m not here to “fix you.” I’m here to guide you from “just okay” to regaining your “joie de vivre” aka living your most meaningful life. (Alright, your #bestlife.)

3. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself for not being able to make the change you’ve been trying to make. You just don’t have the proper toolset, skillset, and mindset. (Yet.) You can do this.

Note: I’m not a clinical psychologist. If you’re experiencing any psychological disorders, active addictions, eating disorders, or severe trauma, please seek a trauma-informed psychotherapist.