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It’s Time to Break
Through Your Bullsh*t.

Critical self-talk, endless compare, and despair, impossible expectations,
and maddening procrastination?

I’m Dr. Sasha Heinz. As a Mindset Coach and Developmental Psychologist, with a practice grounded in psychological science (particularly positive & developmental psychology), I help the covertly under-fulfilled feel as good as their lives look on paper #andthegram.

Knock. Out. Your. Inner. Hater.

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  • “Sasha reformed this Ninja-level avoider procrastinator.”
    – Meredith

  • “My mind’s been totally blown by this course.
    It was like a complete revelation.”
    – Client Name Withheld

  • “It’s like something’s been rewired in my head.
    It’s just incredible!”
    – Georgina

  • “Working with Sasha has changed my life.
    It’s changed how I value myself.”
    – Ilana

  • “Sasha’s so special — she’s like a unicorn.”
    – Stephanie

  • “It’s unbelievable. I took a leap of faith —
    and my anxiety is gone.”
    – Christine

  • “I finally have the mental space to just live.”
    – Marielle

  • “The Mind Your Mind work is really transformative.”
    – Kristine

  • “Obsessed. It’s really powerful stuff and there’s no
    going back once you see the light.”
    – Sinead

  • “You MUST join the program.”
    – Maggie

  • “Sasha found parts of my brain I didn’t even know I had! #brainexplorer!
    – Rachel G.

  • “Sasha is the best! She embodies everything modern
    coaching and therapy should be!!”
    – Cynthia

  • “It feels like magic—but it’s not.”
    – Lisa

  • “I’m becoming my true self.
    There’s a freedom in how I live my days now.”
    – Client Name Withheld

  • “Sasha slayed my demon and I feel so liberated.”
    – Rachel

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