I work solely one on one with clients who are serious about their mental health.

A NOTE: “Mental health” is not about the absence of mental illness. It’s about thriving emotionally and psychologically, and achieving a sense of well-being that’s well beyond a baseline of zero, or just OK.

Clients who are ready to dig into this work include those who:

  • Have checked the boxes of what “should” make them happy, and wonder why they still don’t feel fulfilled.
  • Want to get off the treadmill of maintaining a picture-perfect, Instagram-ready life and stop chasing external sources for their happiness.
  • Are determined to cultivate greater psychological flexibility and mental fitness, and to live a life that lines up with their values.

My focus is on emotional and behavioral change.

I use the evidence-based science of psychology and the action-oriented techniques of coaching to help you learn how to feel intrinsically good about yourself and about your life.

The change is fast and the results stick.

I work with a limited number of clients per month through application only.

Please apply below and I’ll respond shortly.


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