Is It Productiveness or Meaningless Movement?

Do you ever feel like there are not enough minutes in the day to get all the things done? Or lament that you’re not using your time productively? 

Well, what if your fixation on productivity was actually unproductive?! I’m fairly certain it is! 

In today’s episode, I reflect on a heart-stopping quote from Carl Sagan that makes our secret desire to win a productivity ribbon each day seem pretty darn absurd. 

So, if you struggle with time management, this episode is for you. We’ll explore the liberating idea that there is, in fact, no universal “Good Use of Time Scale.” 

You are the only person who can determine what is and is not a good use of your time. But with this freedom come responsibility. You must define the parameters of valuable time use by getting clear on your goals and your values. And, of course, there is an eye-opening lab work exercise to help you look objectively at how you are spending your time right now. 

Remember, your time is not to be managed; it’s meant to be lived. So, let’s put the “own up” in grown up and start creating deliberate, self-authored days. 

Show Notes:

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