Coaching in the Lab: A New Career at 49

In today’s episode of The Change Lab we are coaching in the lab. So, pull up a chair and join Dr. Heinz’ session with Anne, who is wrestling with self-criticism as she applies to law school at 49. 

In today’s more loose and conversational coaching session, Anne sees how her fear of not liking law school and quitting is holding her back from starting it with gusto, which, of course, is going to make it far more likely that she doesn’t like it! 

Listen to this episode of Coaching in the Lab and relate it to your own insecurity, self-doubt, and apprehension. Perhaps, you need to spend some time creating your own definition of success and laying out the criteria for calling it quits with not an ounce of guilt just like Anne does. Tune in and don’t forget to listen to the labwork at the end of the episode…it’s a good one!

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