My Alcohol Free Evolution Experiment: Six Week Update

Hey lab mates and TGIM! We’re back in The Change Lab, and I’ve got an update on my New Year’s Evolution – a six-month hiatus from the booze. I started this experiment on January 1st, 2024 hoping to start waking up with the 5amers brimming with sober energy. Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. Turns out, I’m still hitting the snooze button, and my Peloton still has abandonment issues. But, what I have discovered is that most of what made this moderate drinker not want to give up her right to drink is, well, BS. In today’s episode, I get personal about my relationship with alcohol and share the preliminary findings of my sobriety evolution experiment. And it’s not just about alcohol; it’s about our capacity to change and stepping into the joy of limitless possibility. If you need some inspiration and motivation to start your week, don’t miss this candid episode. Cheers to change!

Lab Work:

Take a serious–dare I say sober–look at the change you have been contemplating and do the following short exercise:

At the top of a black sheet of paper write this statement and question: “I want to make this change, but I don’t feel ready. What exactly needs to happen for me to feel ready?” Write down as many responses to this question as you can and “I don’t know” is not an answer, it’s avoidance. When you’re finished, look at what you wrote down. If someone you love deeply came to you with a list of what’s holding them back from feeling ready to make a life-affirming change that looked exactly like yours, would you sign off on it? And if not, why?

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