Coaching in the Lab: Why Am I Over-Eating?

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When we’re stuck, we tear ourselves apart as if we’re being drawn and quartered by the voice of should and the voice of “f*ck it!” The nonstop negotiations and rationalizations are its own particular kind of torture. 

In today’s episode of The Change Lab, Dr. Heinz works with a podcast listener who is ambivalent about her weight loss goal; a part of her wants to lose weight and a part of her doesn’t want to at all. In a real life coaching session, Dr. Heinz helps her client break down the dialogue between her emotional side (her elephant) and her rationale side (her rider) and helps her see the many brilliant ways her rational rider justifies her emotional elephant’s behavior. 

If you have ever struggled with weight loss or diets, don’t miss this illustrative coaching in the lab episode.

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