The Art of Rationalizing Your Nonsense

Ever caught yourself putting off an onerous task until tomorrow “when you’ll want to do it,” or blaming your love for midnight snacks on genetics? Yeah, it’s time to call out that BS. This week on The Change Lab, we’re stripping down the layers of self-deception and exposing the laughable but crafty ways we rationalize our nonsense, justify our childish behavior, and dodge the discomfort of growth.

Get ready to confront the sneaky ways your inner Rational Rider defends and justifies your inner Emotional Elephant’s inclination to seek comfort, avoid pain, and do what it damn well pleases.

In this episode, Dr. Heinz breaks down 12 common ways your Rider justifies and defends your Elephant’s less than stellar behavior. Your mission, if you dare to accept it, is to dive headfirst into the messy, hilarious truth of how you’ve been letting your inner elephant run amok.

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