New Year’s Evolution

If you’ve learned anything from The Change Lab it’s that you can’t decide to change and then JUST DO IT, like the Nike slogan. It doesn’t work that way.

CHANGE is not something you wish for, it’s something you prepare for.

If you’re ready to stop romanticizing your New Year’s Resolution and actually get serious about change, this is the program for you.

In these 11 weeks, you will create an evolution plan grounded in psychological science that will prepare you mentally, emotionally, physically, and logistically to change for good. This is the process almost everyone skips over. (And by skipping over it…dooms themselves to the motivation, willpower, shame cycle.)

So stop showing up for the race in your slippers wondering why you can’t get to the finish line.

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One nice little word is keeping you overwhelmed, resentful, and run ragged: YES.

Let’s get you off the Hot Yes Express and teach you how to say “no” in a way that would pass Emily Post’s etiquette test. 

Download my free guide: How to Say No Without Being an A$$hole.