The Change Lab

With Dr. Sasha Heinz
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Do you secretly feel stuck in that frustrating tug-of-war between wanting change and resisting it?
Chronically making and breaking promises to yourself?

Yeah, I feel ya. You are not alone. Being human means having the wisdom to know better, but not necessarily the ability to put that wisdom into action.

Well, if you want to understand why #personaldevelopment seems so simple in theory but so impossible in practice, you’re in the right place. Join me in The Change Lab, where self-help gets a science-infused upgrade.

Join Dr. Sasha Heinz, Developmental Psychologist and Coach, as she decodes the science of unstuck.


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One nice little word is keeping you overwhelmed, resentful, and run ragged: YES.

Let’s get you off the Hot Yes Express and teach you how to say “no” in a way that would pass Emily Post’s etiquette test. 

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