The Five Principles of Parenting with Dr. Aliza Pressman

Being a parent in the era of social media means wading through a morass of conflicting and half-baked advice from would-be influencers, coaches, and practitioners. * It’s confusing. “Wait, attachment parenting has nothing to do with attachment?” * It’s overwhelming. “I want to be sensitive to my child’s needs, but how sensitive?” * It’s contradictory. …

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The Fresh Start Effect

Whether New Year lover or hater, the science behind the year’s most significant self-improvement day is pretty darn fascinating.  In today’s episode of The Change Lab, Dr. Sasha Heinz dives into the research on the Fresh Start Effect, the human tendency to set and pursue goals or make positive changes at the beginning of a …

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New Year’s Evolution

If you’ve learned anything from The Change Lab it’s that you can’t decide to change and then JUST DO IT, like the Nike slogan. It doesn’t work that way. CHANGE is not something you wish for, it’s something you prepare for. If you’re ready to stop romanticizing your New Year’s Resolution and actually get serious …

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The Power of Pessimism

Show Notes: Explore Dr. Heinz’s 11 week New Year’s Evolution Forbes – The Negativity Advantage: How Pessimism Can Help You Reach Your Goals Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriele Oettingen Expectation, Fantasy and Weight Loss: Is the Impact of Positive Thinking Always Positive?

The Science of Gratitude

Gratitude is not just woo woo, law of attraction, high vibes speak. It’s a state of being that has the weight of an enormous body of scientific, peer reviewed literature to vouch for its hefty positive effect on our health, relationships, and wellbeing. Tune into today’s episode of The Change Lab as Dr. Heinz walks …

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